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What is Growing With Mx. T?

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Growing with Mx. T is solely run by Skye Tooley. On this website, there is a collection of resources, connections, and reading lists to help you deconstruct the gender binary, support LGBTQ+ students in your classroom, and create a more inclusive environment for students, your home, and your business.

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About Skye

Skye Tooley (they/them) is a trans/nonbinary writer and a growing anti-bias and social justice educator in Los Angeles, California. For the last seven years, Skye has worked to recreate elementary curriculum with a social justice focus and have worked to actively engage their learners in lessons around identity, diversity, equity, action, and justice. Over the past two years, they have been involved in union work in their Los Angeles community including the 2018 Los Angeles teacher strike. They have given presentations on LGBTQ+ focused topics to educators across the United States including NCTE 2019. They are a participating partner with the Flux Institute, and they have published articles to We Are Teachers and Teaching Tolerance on activism and pronouns. Skye is currently teaching 5th grade and working closely with their friend Ace Schwarz to create inclusive content on their Patreon: Growing Outside the Binary. They live in Los Angeles with their adorable dog Terrance.

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Support us!

Growing Outside the Binary is creating LGBTQ+ inclusivity for education on Patreon!

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Consulting with Skye

Skye is available to consult on how to create safe, inclusive environments for LGBTQ+ learners and adults. Each consult will be based on the clients needs, questions, and wonderings. When scheduled, the client will receive a google form to fill out with a list of explicit questions to better serve the client. Each consult can be between 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Skye specializes in caregiver support and education, but also supports businesses in how they can make their space more inclusive for the queer community. 

trans liberation is liberation for all.

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